Letting the Universe take me!

Hey there, all zero readers of my blog that I have barely launched! Nope. I’m not going there. My brain is already trying to sabotage me!

I had this grand idea to start a Pagan focused blog. I thought that it would help me stay on the spiritual path. I have so many ideas about spirituality, the nature of divinity, and all the juicy occult things but I am lost in the world of the mundane. You know, the work grind, the house clean grind, the sleep whenever I possibly can because it all seems kind of lackluster grind.

The pull to practice is still there. It’s still lingering within me. I know I will feel infinitely better if I just go ahead and do an Esbat. It doesn’t matter what phase the moon is in. I could use a celebration of the night and the watery powers of the Moon. Why not a Sabbat! It wouldn’t be one of the big eight but what would be wrong with thanking the Sun for all that light and energy shining down on me?

So, it is time for me to forget about cleaning my house top to bottom before I cast a spell. No trips to the store needed because the Goddess knows I have more than enough candles. No more I’m too tired or The energies don’t feel right. Definitely no Netflix or Hulu or any of the others. (Though I do highly recommend Brooklyn 99.) I need to stop thinking of the things that I’ve missed and build on the things I can do now or in the future. In relationships, don’t they say it’s not the grand gestures that matter but the small ones? I think it’s time to make a grand, small gesture.

I do have a confession though. I opened up this account on accident. I started another blog recently under a (different) pen name to focus on my creative writing. But when I opened the site, I found myself clicking ‘write’ in the top right and all this just fell out of my finger tips. I’m pretty sure this is exactly what they mean when they say, “Let the Universe show you the way.”

Tonight will be a night for a spell. It definitely wasn’t what I planned on doing when I sat down but I’m absolutely certain that it is what I need to do. I always feel so drained of energy so one of my favorite spells is a personal power spell. It’s basically my cup of spiritual coffee.

Personal Power Spell

Italics are to be spoken.


  • A candle, preferably one that you can use over and over again
  • A lighter 😉

Optional Items

  • Anything that makes you feel like you
  • Anything that gives you energy
  • Representations of The Universe | The Goddess and God | The Gods | Source Energy

Focus your energies on the candle. Feel the energy from whatever source you feel connected with and connect it to your own energy. Sources can be Earth, Moon, Sun, Universe, any of the elements, the tree in your yard, a flower, anything really. Once the connection is made, you can begin.

~ Light your personal power candle
As this flame glows bright, so too does my personal power
~ Chant:
Water, my blood
Air, my breath
Earth, my body
Fire, my spirit

~ Feel the energy and power fill you up as you repeat the chant aloud or in your mind.

When you feel that you are done, take a moment to gently break your connection to the source. Thank the powers that be for being present.

The Beginning

Here it is. The very beginning. I don’t know where this beginning will lead but isn’t that kind of the point? 

I’m just a woman looking for her own piece of something. Sometimes it’s peace. Sometimes it’s passion. Then it can be giggles. Before I know it I need to watch a sad movie and cry for an hour an a half. Sometimes I’m trying to force out things like doubt and self criticism. I even want to chase the darkness within to immediately be followed by finger painting in pastels as I cast a spell. 

So this is the beginning of me throwing out there what I do between the 13 Moons of the year. I can’t really say that this blog will be about anything because I’m just going to write what I feel like I need to write. 

Welcome and Blessed Be.